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The common misconception is that people tend to call themselves ghost hunters. Hunting the paranormal brings a sense of negativity. That is not what we want to do. We here at S.P.O.T. call ourselves paranormal investigators and want to learn and educate about the paranormal.

S.P.O.T. is based out of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Servicing New England and Pennsylvania area. Our mission is to support, comfort, educate and provide evidence in a professional manner. S.P.O.T's diverse team members have very unique backgrounds and are fun to get to know. All investigations are confidential and are always free of charge.

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Christina Corsetti

S.P.O.T. Owner


Born and raised in Beverly, Ma. As an adult, living in Salem, Ma and graduating Salem High School, she has spent her entire life interested in the paranormal and learning all about Salem's Haunted History.


With being, Haunted Salem, giving 20 years of her time and dedicating her life to giving her fans what they crave for, Christina will always continue to bring life to the paranormal world with her experience and dedication .

Cory Thibodeau

S.P.O.T. Lead Investigator


Born in Salem, MA and raised in Lynn, Cory has had a fascinating upbringing in the occult. Practicing pagan 15 years and a respected reverend, he has been trained and guided by gifted practitioners of the craft. With a range of paranormal information, Cory brings a lot of education to the world and for his fans.

Stefan Temkey

S.P.O.T. Evidence Reviewer


Born in Port Jefferson, NY and raised in East Patchogue, NY, at the age of 2 he began having paranormal experiences and it wasn't until he was 18 that he became interested into the paranormal. Stefan has sensitive abilities and a real keen eye for evidence review. With all these abilities and experiences, it has molded his passion into the paranormal.

Stefan has a real knack for evidence review. Sorting through hundreds of photos and scanning hours of data for EVP evidence, Stefan's dedication and passion make it all worth while.