• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Night Terrors are believed by most to be simply a sleeping disorder. Basically, what they are is a person in the deepest level of sleep, that suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, usually jumping into an upright position in bed and screaming. The individual will be be filled with fear and shock. In many of these cases those that suffer from night terrors will not remember what it was that they dreamed of or what it was that frightened them. Many will not even remember waking up in the middle of the night. Night terrors mostly happen to very young children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old but can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age.

There is not a whole lot that is understood about night terrors at this point in time. It is because the child is in the deepest stage of sleep that causes them to be unable to remember what it was they experienced that frightened them. When arising from a night terror however, the victim will sometimes see what their doctors will call hallucinations, but may in fact be spiritual apparitions. These apparitions have been of human figures, animals, and other things of a frighting nature.

Apparitions taking place right after a night terror is one of the clues that might link Night Terrors to being supernaturally induced. People usually see apparitions in spiritually connected places and incidents such as haunted buildings, grave yards, battles fields, at ones death bed, seances, and so on. It is true that they can be seen in other places as well but it’s much less common.

Secondly, It seems strange that most night terrors happen to young children. It is believed by many that children are able to see ghosts and other spiritual beings much easier, and more often that adults do. The older the child gets, the more that ability fades away, just as night terrors do. Doesn’t it make sense that the younger a child is, the more likely he or she is of having spiritual attacks like what might be a Night Terror? It also seems to make sense that those very rare adults that suffer from night terrors may also be those adults that were fortunate not to lose their spiritual sensitivity unlike most of us.

If Night Terrors are in fact paranormal and are induced by spiritual entities, they are surely negative spirits. They target the young because their minds are the easiest to connect with due to their sensitivity, and perhaps it is also because they are the easiest to frighten which seems to be the purpose of a Night Terror. I strongly believe that night terrors should be given more attention because they might be much more than we have been told to believe. If you have children that suffer from night terrors don’t be worried, they are harmless to the child. Most children will not even remember having them. The good news is that they will outgrow them in time. They may however be caused by exhaustion, and not having a regular sleeping routine. I just believe that perhaps a portion of night terrors may be caused by something else besides mother nature and we should not overlook that possibility. If you have strong suspicions that your child’s night terrors are spiritually related it might be a good idea to perform a simple cleansing ritual or even simply praying over your child before her or she goes to sleep.

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  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

A premonition is most simply defined as a strong feeling that something (often unpleasant) is going to happen in the (typically near) future.

These are generally feelings that most often strike when a person is awake but with no real specific knowledge of what the event to pass is.

Precognition is slightly different but often thrown into the same basket. However, precognition is more like a true future sight – often taking place when one is asleep or in a dazed / relaxed state – and along with feelings of imminent urgency these are usually accompanied with visions and sounds; a more clear picture of the event itself.

However, often, but not always, in both cases the person having these sensations / sights will not have all the specifics needed in order to really nail down the what, why, who, where and when of the event that is to take place.

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  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Many people are unaware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room.

These energies and beings are actually rampant at the present time as clearing processes have become largely lost to the Western World. Growing materialism and fast-paced, complicated lives have shut down many people’s non-physical perceptions and this has led to society losing its knowledge of entities etc. In the past 2000 years there has been a decline in the clearing of entities to almost a complete stop, leading to a growing number, all looking for a person to latch onto. Even many of the priests of Western religions have lost their vision and know-how of clearing.

Where do entities come from?

Mainly these entities come from people’s astral bodies when they die, as the astral body breaks up without the physical and etheric body to hold it together. Conflicting parts of the astral body (mind/emotions) can no longer hold together and as its vibration rises it shatters mainly into astral dust which is reabsorbed into the astral planes. Unfortunately some chunks hold together and retain a consciousness of their own, becoming astral fragments/entities. These would be the most crystallized parts of the astral body.

These astral fragments need etheric energy (life-force) to hold them together or they will eventually break up into astral dust and be reabsorbed. The only place they can get enough energy to survive is from a person or animal but they certainly seem to prefer a human host.

When they find someone suitable often with similar emotional characteristics to itself, the entity will try to get into the person’s energy and live there. This will drain life-force (etheric energy) from the person and also impose emotions on them (astral energy).

Very large fragments with enough etheric energy may survive without a host and these may live in houses or public places. These large entities are usually referred to as ghosts. They may attach to a person with a cord of astral/etheric energy while remaining in these places and then affect the person similarly to a smaller fragment inside their energy.

Other entities that can parasitize people include nature spirits, elementals and others which are not so easily categorized.

Entities are actually quite a problem at present with most humans being the home for one or more. With our senses being so dull due to such crystallized astral and weak etheric bodies we can only feel the effects of the entity. Often these effects will be lack of energy, depression, anxiety and all types of other negative emotions. We assume that these emotions are our own and therefore have no idea that an entity is causing such problems. Actually the entity isn’t the sole cause of the problems. To attract an entity you must first resonate with it to some degree. So you had some feelings of loneliness or whatever and so did the entity. This is what attracted it and so your initial negative emotions are amplified by the entity and it also drains your etheric energy making it harder to stay on top of such negative emotions.

An entity can only get into your energy if there is a weak spot or hole in your aura. Most people have some weak spots which become worse when under pressure or emotional stress. It is due to ego structure and astral crystallization that weak spots occur. In fact the very nature of Astral Substance attracts entities. When it comes to Astral Substance, like attracts like so you have a situation where different types of Astral Substance pool together and keep on attracting more. This is how the negative astral planes have been created, basically all the negative energies have come together to create negative dimensions of Astral Substance, usually of a very low and chaotic vibration. Intoxication by alcohol or other drugs is a common way to resonate with these negative astral planes and attract entities into your energy. In pubs and clubs you will find a strong connection to such planes and an abundance of entities looking for a potential host.

At death, if you are experiencing extreme emotions such as anger and hate you will be taken straight to these negative astral planes as soon as you leave the body. This is because your astral body will be resonating with the negative planes and because like attracts like in the astral world you will suddenly find yourself in these realms. Once there you will likely see all kinds of hallucinations such as monsters and the like until your astral body begins to shatter (this is often referred to as ‘the afterlife wandering’ or ‘the Bardos’ in Tibetan Buddhism). At this point your light body will be released and you will continue up into higher dimensions but the part of your astral body that was attracted to the negative realms will likely break off as an entity. If the emotions felt at death were very common and very much a part of your personality while incarnated then the entity will be larger. Once separate the entity will first try for a host with someone or somewhere familiar such as your home or your friends and family. If it can’t host on these people it will probably go for the nearest pub.

The lines along which the astral body shatters are along the lines of cystallization. The more crystallized your astral body and therefore the more rigid your personality was, the more entities will be created and the larger they will be.

The information here should not scare you as you have probably been living with entities for years. It is amazing what a difference it can make when a core entity is cleared. Emotional issues that have plagued people for years are sometimes cured almost immediately. The person must continue the work of clearing their own energy as well but the difference can be very tangible when an entity is thoroughly explored and cleared.

If you clear your own astral body while still alive you will not leave any entities behind for others to clean up. Through spiritual work your astral body is cleared of Samskaras and merges with the light body. This merger transforms the astral body into a lighter and more malleable substance that does not shatter into pieces at death. This is referred to as the transformed astral body.

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