Not all Near Death Experiences (NDE) are alike, contrary to a popular belief. In the stereotypical NDE, the person clinically dies, enters a tunnel of light, is greeted by relatives or beings of light, is told that he or she is not ready to pass on, and is sent back to awaken back in this life.

That particular NDE scenario has been reported many times, but it by no means happens for every experience. However, there are components of the NDE that are part of the experience for a majority, or at least a good percentage, of people who have reported them.


In 69% of the cases, people felt that they were in the presence of an overwhelming love. In some instances, the source of the feeling seems to be non-specific, as if it is just part of the atmosphere of the “place.” Other times, this feeling comes from the beings met there. Sometimes they are religious figures or nondescript beings of light, and sometimes they are relatives who have passed on previously.


The ability to communicate with the people or entities through a kind of mental telepathy was reported by 65% of the experiences. In other words, the communication was non-verbal and seemed to take place on a level of consciousness rather than physically.


The review of one’s life was common in 62% of the cases. While some witnessed the review from beginning to end, others saw it in reverse order, from present day back to the beginning. And while for some it appeared to be a “highlights reel,” others felt like they were witness to every event and detail of their lives.


Meeting a figure that appeared to be God or some divine being was reported by 56% of experiences. Interestingly, 75% of people who consider themselves atheists reported these divine figures


This might go hand-in-hand with the first characteristic, “a feeling of overwhelming love,” but while that feeling comes from an external source, the experiencers also feel their own internal ecstasy – the tremendous joy of being in this place, free of their bodies and earthly troubles, and in the presence of loving beings. This was experienced by 56%.


Many times (46%) experiences felt that they were in the presence of unlimited knowledge, and sometimes even received some or all of this knowledge as if the wisdom and secrets of the universe were shared with them. Unfortunately, they never seem to be able to retain this knowledge upon awakening, yet they carry with them the memory that this vast knowledge does exist.


There doesn’t appear to be just one place in the afterlife, according to 46% of reports in which experiencers say they traveled through or were made aware of different levels or realms. Some were even shown – even experienced – what they thought was Hell, a place a great anguish.


Just less than half (46%) of NDE experiences say that their time in the afterlife came to a kind of barrier where a decision had to be made: to stay in the afterlife or return to life on Earth. In some cases, the decision was made for them by the beings there and they were told that they must go back, often because they have unfinished business. Others, however, are given a choice and are very often reluctant to return, even if they are told they have a mission to complete.


In 44% of the cases, people were given the knowledge of future events. They could be future world events, or they could be events specific to the life of the person. Such knowledge perhaps helps in the decision whether or not to return to the earthly existence.


Although the “tunnel of light” has become almost a trademark of the near-death experience, only 42% of people in Williams’ study reported it. Other feelings include feeling out of the body, rushing toward a powerful light, moving rapidly through a passageway or up a staircase.


Most people who experience the NDE cannot be convinced that what they went through was not real, and it is proof for them that there is life after death. Materialist science, by contrast, claims that these experiences are mere hallucinations, caused by lack of oxygen to the brain and other neurobiological effects. And although researchers have been able to duplicate or simulate some aspects of the near-death experience in the laboratory, it cannot rule out the possibility that the experiences are real.

The bottom line is we don’t know — and possibly cannot know with 100% percent certainty until we die… and stay there. Then the question becomes: Can we somehow tell people back on Earth?

  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Can full-spectrum cameras reveal ghosts not visible to the naked eye? Many paranormal investigators think so and use full-spectrum equipment at all of their investigations. Here’s a brief guide to the full-spectrum ghost theory as well as the cameras and camcorders used to discover invisible spirits.

Unlike standard cameras, full-spectrum cameras capture the full range of the light spectrum, including near ultraviolet (UV) light and near infrared (IR) light. According to some theories, ghosts may be visible in IR or UV light only, and full-spectrum cameras therefore increase the odds of spotting paranormal entities.

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  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

In the 1920s, Madame Antoinette Sherri was a French costume designer who catered to the actors and actresses in New York City. She moved there from France with her husband in 1911. Madame Sherri also did a little Vaudeville acting, dancing, and singing on the side. During the summers she would visit with an actor friend who spent his summers in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire. She liked the area so much that after her friend passed away, in 1927 she built a chateau style mansion in the area and would host very large extravagant parties of which most of the guests were the rich and elite from New York City. The mansion had a grand stairway made of stone that led to a large red door which served as the entrance. Local residents referred to her chateau as Madame Sherri’s Castle.

Madame Sherri became known to the locals in West Chesterfield as quite an eccentric. She was known to cruise around town in her cream colored Packard touring convertible wearing nothing but a fur coat. When she was wearing clothes, she wore some of her extravagant costumes that she designed. Besides the lavish parties that she would throw in the mansion, she lived in a much smaller cottage near the place. That home was later discovered to be packed full of boxes and such, leaving very little room for living space. There always seemed to be a entourage of young french beauties that was in her company which led some to believe she used the castle as a brothel.

As Madame Sherri grew older and had a harder time getting around she moved to a nursing home in Brattleboro, Vermont. Over the years her castle sat empty and had been looted and vandalized several times. In 1962 the castle burned to the ground. Madame Sherri made arrangements to have the grounds and castle remains sold. On the day the sale was finalized, Madame Sherri passed away. Many believe that this meant her spirit was tied to the castle and remains there to this day.

Today, the castle ruins remain in what is now the Madame Sherri Forest near West Chesterfield, New Hampshire. The stone foundation, fireplace and grand stairway entrance are still intact. Many visitors to what remains of Madame Sherri’s castle claim that they heard the sounds of a grand party emanating from the ruins with music playing, guests chattering and having a good time. Others say they have seen the Madame Sherri’s apparition ascending the grand staircase in one of her extravagant dresses.

The Madame Sherri Forest is a 488 acre preserve open to the public and can be found near West Chesterfield, New Hampshire on Gulf Road just off the Vermont border.

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