• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Ghosts that are unaware that they are deceased, go about their business as if they are still living. They do not understand they have passed. A great example is the movie “The Others”. The ghosts portrayed in the movie believe the living are the ghosts. Sometimes, ghosts cant see the living but instead feel their presence. This can cause stress on the ghost as well as the living and happens often when people move into the house of a recently deceased person, usually an elderly person who lived and died alone in the final years. The ghost sees the new comers as invaders, but simply talking to the ghost about their death can help them cross over.

Ghosts With Unfinished Business

Ghosts with unfinished business can linger in this world for numerous reasons. Like a father making sure his children succeed in life despite his sudden death. There are many cases involving victims of foul play unable to cross over until justice has been served. Another example would be of a recently deceased lover making sure their partner finds happiness and moves on.

Ghosts that are trapped or lost

These types of ghosts usually know they are dead, but for one reason or another cannot cross over yet. Some may fear moving on because of the person they were in life, or they fear leaving what is familiar to them. Some ghosts may be trapped in fear and held captive by another ghost or evil spirit, like in a murder suicide haunting. Other ghosts may be trapped at a location because an evil spirit or ghost may have drove them to suicide. Dark entities feed off the fear energy of ghosts and the living. A common example of a lost ghost could be someone who died abroad and is now trying to find their way home.

Vengeful Ghosts

An example of a vengeful ghost would be if a women was murdered by a male and now as a ghost only torments or attacks males when they are present at the haunted location.

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  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Perfume Ghosts are said to derive through the olfactory sense. Either sweet or repugnant, this supposed entity makes itself known through smell.

People who experience this state that they are ‘suddenly aware of a smell’ that they are unable to locate the origin of.

People who experience this, state that they are ‘suddenly aware of a smell’ that they are unable to locate the origin of. They can relate this smell to a deceased relative’s favorite perfume or aftershave. They then believe this to be a ghostly visitation with positive connotations.

Not all smells are as pleasant. It is said that foul smells such as decomposition of garbage or sulfurs could mean that a negative or dark entity is making their presence known. Cigarette smoke is also a commonly reported phenomenon and people relate this to people whom were smokers during their lifetime.

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  • Christina Corsetti, H.S.

So what kind of experiences have people had with mirrors?

There are hundreds of documented cases of haunted mirrors and they tend to have similar characteristics. People have reported paranormal experiences when:

An old mirror brought into the home from somewhere else.

People, when moving into a new home, have had problems with mirrors left behind by the previous occupants.

People have reported paranormal activity after using mirrors for divination/scrying. Usually no protection was used by the participants and it is thought that they may have created a portal.

It’s suggested that when carrying out any kind of spiritual work with mirrors to use a cleansing and protective ritual. If you are doing spiritual work that doesn’t involve a mirror or other scrying device, then these should either be covered or put away in a safe place.

It has also been observed that using a ouija board can also create portals. Mirrors nearby are often claimed to be the origin of the portal after a ouija board session.

Often people have reported having experiences with haunted mirrors in hotels, friends/relatives home, visiting a place as a tourist and so on. These areas usually, but not always, have a reputation for being haunted.

The phenomena reported in connection with haunted mirrors are varied. The most common manifestation is the formation of images of people/entities other than the people occupying the room.

However, it should be remembered that natural distortions and curious light effects can create a number of bizarre effects. Added to this is the brain’s phenomenal ability to create meaningful shapes and faces out of random patterns. But despite this, many of the reported cases of haunted mirrors were witnessed by more than one person at different times of the day, in various lighting conditions. Therefore, these cases may possibly rule out natural causes. Added to this, other forms of paranormal manifestations developed in addition to that connected with the mirror involved.

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