Christina Corsetti grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, having experiences of her own. She become very interested in the paranormal field and made Haunted Salem for which she has dedicated in education of the paranormal with various articles on Facebook. Over the years, she has grown and started S.P.O.T. (Strategic Paranormal Operations Team) in which she has dedicated her time in investigating the paranormal and helping others. She has various websites, Facebook Pages and her own YouTube Channel. She has two paranormal talk radio shows and invites you to come explore the paranormal.



Cory grew up in Lynn and Salem, Massachusetts and has had a fascinating upbringing in the occult. Practicing pagan for 15 years and is a respected reverend. He has been trained and guided by gifted practitioners of the craft. He also holds 2 degrees, one in media tech and a bachelors in criminal justice with minors in forensic photography and criminal psychology. He has a passion and eye for photography. Loving what he does and what he has been apart of, Cory is a wealth of information in the paranormal field and loves to challenge the very aspect of what he has become. He is very passionate and dedicated to not only his background but his environment. Cory will continue to bring new evidence to the paranormal world with the upmost respect of the field and the love of his fans.

Lead Investigator at S.P.O.T

Team Investigator at S.P.O.T

Team Investigator at S.P.O.T

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