• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

10 Ways You Can Discover You’re Psychically Aware

Do you think you’re a psychic? There are many people in the UK who don’t even realize they are psychically aware. Often, they might experience a moment of nostalgia or deja vu and not realize they were using their psychic abilities.

Psychics have natural extrasensory abilities that let them sense auras around them. They are sensitive to the feelings of people nearby, they can sense spirits and they’re likely to experience dreams that can give them foresight into the future. A psychic’s abilities have given them the opportunity to share their abilities, they can offer psychic readings, communicate with loved ones who have passed away and give spiritual advice.

Psychic mediums who offer their spiritual and psychic services have spent years training their abilities but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be psychically aware too. If you’re psychically aware, you’re likely extra sensitive to the auras and emotions around you.

Here are the 10 questions that can help you discover if you’re psychically aware.

1. Do you feel like you’re a mind reader?

Have there been occasions where you’ve been able to predict what someone is going to say before they speak? Some psychics have telepathic abilities that let them hear what people are thinking.

2. Are you naturally drawn towards topics about the supernatural?

As psychic abilities are linked to the supernatural, psychics are naturally drawn toward anything supernatural. This can vary between reading and researching about the supernatural or the desire to visit locations where magical events have taken place. Psychics are drawn toward the supernatural because of their abilities and natural desire to interpret or discover the meanings behind it.

3. Can you sense invisible presences?

Have you had experiences where you thought somebody brushed past you but nobody was even there? Medium psychics can communicate with spirits and sense when they are nearby.

4. Do your dreams often come true?

Dreams can be premonitions about the future. If you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu, you could have in fact had a dream that predicted the event would happen.

5. Do you have healing powers?

Some psychics are able to channel positive healing energy to people who are ill. They can help dispel headaches or other minor illnesses or symptoms.

6. Can you understand animals?

Have you ever felt like you’ve communicated with your pet or an animal who has crossed your path? With their telepathic abilities, some psychics are able to understand and can sometimes even communicate with animals.

7. Can you tell if someone is lying?

Because of their extrasensory abilities, psychics can often tell if someone is being dishonest. They are able to sense their negative aura even if the person looks like they’re being genuine.

8. Have you had moments of high intuition?

All psychics have naturally high levels of intuition. This natural ability means they can often predict what someone is going to do before they act.

9. Have you ever suffered a traumatic experience?

Some psychics don’t have psychic abilities from birth but instead their powers are awakened by an emotional or traumatic experience. The death of a loved one or a near death experience can unlock your abilities.

10. Do psychic abilities run in your family?

Many psychics have family members who are psychic or they’re psychically aware. Just like genes, psychic abilities can be inherited and they can skip generations. Have a look at your family tree.

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