• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

5 Warning Signs You May Have Been Abducted By Aliens and Not Even Know It

Under hypnosis, many unfortunate abductees recall terrifying memories involving horrific alien encounters and painful, physical experimentation. Their recollection includes time spent aboard an alien space craft while paralyzed, often by unseen restraints, frozen in cold, metal beds. Often, they recall the images of strange and grey-colored extraterrestrial creatures peering and probing them, seemingly in search of scientific information.

An understandable dismissal of these memories is favored over the acceptance of a frightening reality of abduction and invasive procedures. However, there can be other indications of alien abduction to be found outside of hypnosis, in the waking state.

1. Unexplained Blood

Alleged abductee Sylvia Wineroth, now in her mid-forties, underwent a light hypnosis and recalled multiple abductions by short, grey creatures in the summer of 1999. She explains one of the reasons she sought regression therapy to uncover the truth.

“Each night I go to sleep, I completely covered myself with the bedding. However, I started to wake up in the morning and I was lying on top of my sheets and blanket. Several times I looked down and saw little red spots near my feet. As I looked closer, I discovered it was blood. I looked all over my legs but couldn’t find any wounds or cuts. Then, I inspected my entire body for the origin of the blood but found nothing that could explain it.” While she found no visible signs of bleeding, a visit to the doctor after a dizzy spell would reveal a possible explanation. “After almost fainting from dizziness, my son took me to the doctor. They ran tests and discovered that I was suffering from exsanguination.” Exsanguination is a severe loss of blood.

2. Sleep Walking

Millions of people have reported that they have witnessed their loved ones sleep walking. A common belief is that the mind continues to work while the body rests and commands the body to perform tasks perhaps scheduled for the next day or simply out of desire. Abductees have reported a sudden experience of sleep walking. Family and significant others would find them in various places in their home and safely guide them back to their bed. Upon wakening, they would not recall their movements or actions throughout their house. In Sylvia’s case, her sleep walking episodes became so frequent that her son, Brian, would not retire to his bedroom until his mother had her nightly walk. He explained that she performed the same action each time.

“My mom would walk out of her bedroom with a terrified look on her face. She would be rubbing her hands together as if she was freezing and trying to warm herself although the temperature in the house was comfortable. I could hear her mumbling to herself and saying, “It’s time to go, it’s time to go.”

Every night for months she would walk out of her bedroom and go straight to the hall closet. Without unfolding her hands, she would swat at the doorknob and become frustrated that the closet door wouldn’t open. I gently guided her back to her bed where she would fall back to sleep. After many weeks, I decided to find out why she was so intent on getting into that closet during her sleep walking episodes. One night, I purposefully left the closet door open. As usual, she emerged from her room around midnight and walked straight to the closet. I watched as she reached down with her hands still pressed together and used the tips of her fingers to lift a small suitcase from the floor of the small closet. Where did she think she was going?”

3. Lost Time

A common sensation linked to abductions is the loss of time. Abductees have reported missing minutes or hours and in some extreme cases, days in which they cannot account for or recall their whereabouts. Sylvia had many such occurrences and described one of the more startling incidents.

“I had been invited to lunch by one of my closest friends who was in town on business and remember being so excited to see her. After getting dressed I made my way to the front door. It was half past noon and the restaurant was only ten minutes away so I was sure I would be on time for our one o’clock lunch date. I remember pulling my keys from my purse and reaching for the front door handle. The next thing I knew, I woke up on my bed, my keys still in my hand, and the time on my alarm clock was 3:20pm. I had lost almost three hours.” Sylvia quickly went to her phone and checked the messages on her machine. “My friend had called me twice wondering where I was as I had obviously missed our lunch together. To this day, I still don’t know what to tell her.”

4. Medical Dreams

Another frequent sign of possible abduction is the occurrence of dreams where the individual sleeping is undergoing some form of treatment or procedure. Often terrifying and always confusing, abductees state that they not only views the dream images but are subject to the action of poking, prodding, cutting and invasive needles. Usually, the dreamer is a frozen witness to the horrific torture, paralyzed and unable to even cry out for help. Sylvia recalled one of her many medical dreams.

“The most unsettling dream, or nightmare I should say, was one in which I was looking up into darkness. There was no light anywhere around me but I could hear movement and whispers. A second later I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I wanted to reach out for my belly but I was unable to move. Then, I woke up from the dream, sitting up in my bed with my hands over my stomach, crying. The pain in my belly was so overwhelming that I vomited several times over the next hour or so. I had no idea what was wrong but I was certain something had been done to me.” Alternately, she also recalls another nightmare that had a much more pleasant outcome. “In another nightmare, I was again in complete darkness and felt long needles inserted into my eyes. I can’t even count how many times the sharp needles entered my eyeballs. The next morning, I reached for my glasses on the nightstand and found that my vision was much less blurry and while I didn’t have perfect site, I was able to go through my day, without the need of my glasses. They, up there, fixed my vision.”

5. Bright Lights

During hypnosis, alleged abductees have been known to react with extreme fear at the recall of a bright light appearing before them or beaming through one of their home’s windows. This occurrence has been documented by regression therapists as a precursor to the actual abduction and instills, understandably, panic and anxiety in their patients.

Sylvia is no stranger to the bright light.

“Under hypnosis I recalled that I would be elevated from my bed and almost blinded by a bright, white light. I would only see it for a second before I lost consciousness and awoke again on the cold, metal bed. Once I remembered the light, I was forced to remain at home when it was dark outside. Headlights, street signs and anything bright would send a shiver down my spine and I would freeze in terror. It’s hard to explain but I was filled with a strong sense of dread that something bad was going to happen to me. It’s been years since I left the house after dark.” Sylvia tells us of the time she spent the night in a hotel.

“My son and I were traveling to visit his sister, my daughter. We drove for a day and then spend the night in a hotel. I went to bed early and quickly fell asleep while my son slept in the adjoining room. I woke the next morning on the floor. My nightgown had been torn down the back and put back on me, inside out. At first I felt like I had been attacked but the door to the hallway and to my son’s room was locked form the inside and I was alone. After I composed myself I got dressed and we went downstairs for breakfast. As I passed the hotel front desk, I heard two guests complaining about the bright, white lights that flashed into their windows in the middle of the night. The desk clerk apologized but explained that there were not lights on outside of the hotel. Of this he was certain, as he worked through the night, having been there since midnight.”

Whether or not you believe in the actual occurrence of extraterrestrial abduction, the signs often remain unexplained and the accompanying fear is very, very real.

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