• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

8 Signs That Your Child is a Psychic

1. Does your child have an imaginary friend?

Children can’t always tell the difference between what is real and what is paranormal. If a ghost child shows up to play with them, they might not even question it. They might simply be happy to have someone to entertain them. One way to determine if the invisible playmate is real or imagined is to ask your child about the friend. Find out personal details about the playmate, such as name, age, type of clothing. Another way might be to slip a digital recorder into the room to see if you capture any responses you can’t hear with your ears.

2. Is your child unusually perceptive?

Does she notice things you miss, details that didn’t seem important at the time but became more relevant later? Perceptive children are tuned into the world better than other children. They might also have an extraordinary imagination or be sensitive to emotions or physical sensations.

3. Is your child empathic?

An Empath is someone who feels other people’s emotions. An empathic child might be unusually good with animals or seem to sense when you aren’t feeling well. Watch how he reacts to people with disabilities or people who are ill. An empathic child might mirror some of the same behaviors or emotions. Empathic children will also be dialed into their parents and siblings. If one of them is ill or is having a rough day, the empathic child will often feel it too. Empathic people tend to require ample time alone and have difficulties fitting in with traditional groups. If your child spends more time alone than with friends, this could be a sign.

4. Does your child have vivid dreams?

Some say that people with vivid dreams are more connected to the Universe and are able to tap into a world we can only dream about. Perhaps your child has mastered Astral Projection, the ability to leave her body and travel along the Astral Plane. Other possibilities could be revisiting past lives or delving into lucid dreaming. Listen to the stories your child tells you about her dreams. Do they have a richer texture with more detail than a child should be able to describe?

5. Does your child simply know things?

Psychic abilities are unique to the owner, but most of them come with a knowing. Psychics often just know things they shouldn’t have access to. An example might be that the child has a knack for finding lost objects or seems to know when a visitor will arrive.

6. Does your child have frequent spells of nausea or hear ear-ringing?

Both of these symptoms are signs of mediumistic abilities. When people who are Clairsentient are near ghostly energy, they will often feel it in their stomach, either as a clenching feeling or through nausea. People who have the ability of Clairaudience will often hear sounds or tones when a ghost is nearby.

7. Secretive nature

Children with a metaphysical gift might attempt to hide their abilities, depending on their age. Younger children won’t know any better, but an older child might grasp the concept that “different isn’t always better” and attempt to hide the ability. This could be especially true if the parent is a firm non-believer in the paranormal.

8. Do you have any metaphysical abilities?

Psychic and mediumistic abilities are almost always passed down from parent to child. Many times, the strength of the ability will vary from generation to generation, depending on usage. If a parent works with a gifted child, they will raise a gifted medium, but this doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. Parents who are frustrated by their own abilities might not encourage their children to follow the same path. Children of gifted mediums might also repress the ability after watching their parents endure hardship from having the abilities.

If you suspect your child has metaphysical gifts, find a good mentor for him or her to work with. Teach your children about paranormal protection so they can fend off any unwanted paranormal advances. Most of all though, give them the support they’ll need because it isn’t an easy life.

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