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Can Ghosts Talk?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

There are many people who claim to be paranormal mediums or experts who say that they are able to communicate with spirits and lost loved ones. Paranormal investigators often set out to record conversations with ghosts in haunted locations, but can ghosts really talk? How Do Ghosts Communicate

If you are expecting a ghost to just lay out a speech for you, you might never actually notice other forms of communication being sent your way. There are certainly other ways for ghosts to talk to us and convey messages, without just saying it out in the open. Dreams

Spirits love sending messages through dreams. Many people think that these dreams are just that, and pay no attention to them. However, if you are dreaming of a lost loved one, and especially if they are sending you a message, you should really pay attention. Dreams are a non-threatening way for spirits to contact us, and it is also easier for them as our minds are at rest and we are not putting up any resistance to outside influence. Keep a dream journal and record these dreams, taking down all the messages, words, signs and symbols. With some research, you might be able to decipher what the message really is. Visions

You might think that you are having odd hallucinations or daydreams, but seeing something you know is not real might mean a spirit is trying to contact you. If this happens again, don’t ignore it. Ask the hallucination in front of you questions, or chase that ghostly dog that dashed across your room. It may give you some answers you have been seeking, or lead you to an important place or object. Scents

Spirits aren’t the only ones who communicate with scents and smells, but we can as well. Picture the person who you are trying to contact, and then think hard to try and remember any smells that you associate with them. For example, if you associate the smell of roses with your grandma, and she is who you want to contact, try and keep roses around your home. This could signal to the spirit that you are trying to communicate with them. Coincidences

Sometimes, spirits try and send a message or try to catch our attention by placing coincidences for us to notice throughout the day. This could be hearing a song that reminds you of your father and then seeing someone at the shop who looks just like them, someone ordering his favorite meal etc. It is such a special way for spirits to communicate with us, we just have to be aware of our surroundings and take everything in. Always Be Aware

If you are really wanting to communicate with spirits, you need to be aware of everything surrounding you. Don’t just focus on finding a message in your dreams, or smelling a certain scent. They might even appear as a wisp of white smoke that you catch out of the corner of your eye. There is no set way for ghosts to communicate, so you need to always be aware and watching. Sometimes the most important signs are the smallest ones. Keep a record of any small, unusual things you notice during the day. Looking back and reading your notes, you could notice a bigger picture or a pattern that would have been difficult to remember.

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