• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Do Ghost have voices?

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We might say that ghosts have voices, too; but most often, they are relegated to reaching us through thoughts. These thoughts may go unnoticed within us and be accepted as being our own. Learning to differentiate between our own voice and the voices of ghosts and spirits will open one up to more of what is going on around us in the unseen.

Meditation helps greatly in clearing the mind and separating the thoughts or voices that may be filling the mind of the person. It would seem that different parts of our brain fight amongst each other, trying to get a voice through the din. It is this "noise" of thoughts that needs silenced in order to be able to perceive spirit communications.

Ghosts are earthbound spirits being disembodied after death of the physical body but choosing to remain in a parallel-to-earth, darkened, spirit world. Most of the time, ghosts remain trapped, interacting with the physical world due to emotional issues, attachments, fears or even addictions. Dis-incarnate spirits have not moved on unto the higher realms of the spirit world : those of of light, love, joy, peace, and most importantly, communion with loved ones. Thus, ghosts may be considered “lost” for a time as their condition of isolation is often a choice for habitation within darkness . This is what is meant by “unclean spirit.” Darkness seeks darkness, so it is no surprise that ghosts do not seek light but typically a place to hide.

In this sad, “unclean” state, voices of ghosts are many times pleas for help and attention. Some ghosts wish only to let the living know that they are, indeed, still alive - sometimes, acknowledgement will allow the soul of the person to move on. When people who receive ghostly thoughts do not recognize them as the voice of ghosts speaking to them, the disembodied spirit or spirits may become frustrated and turn to noise making and other attention-getting behavior such as moving or hiding objects.

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