• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Ghost Classifications

Class I

This type is defined as an undeveloped form, insubstantial, and difficult to see. The interaction is limited. These are typically spectral lights, voices, and sounds.

Class II

This type is defined to have actual visual characteristics and can physically manipulate things like a poltergeist. These forms tend to be vague and inconsistent like hands or a face floating in the air.

Class III

These begin to take on forms of a distinct human being such as face, torso, and arms. They can often change their forms as well.

Class IV

These are class III ghosts revealing their identity which reclassifies it as a class IV. It is usually indistinct from the chest down.

Class V

These are ectoplasmic manifestations but are non-human forms. It is said that these are formed from emotionally charged events or locations.

Class VI

These are non-human or animal forms

Class VII

These are described as a malevolent with powers far beyond human. The powers include the ability to change form at will, dematerialize objects, summon pests, or possess people and animals.

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