• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Ghostly Apparitions

The greatest piece of evidence a paranormal investigating team can capture is a ghostly apparition. Of course, like any piece of evidence, it could be faked. There is much going on in the world today in technology. A ghost picture can easily be reproduced using an editing software program. But that is a topic for another article!

Ghostly apparitions are extremely rare. Many people who have seen one say it may look as real as you or me. Others say it looks transparent or semi-transparent. Still others say it may be surrounded by mist or it may be giving some kind of light, but these are few and far between. The general consensus is that a ghost looks pretty solid, much like a human being does. This is not very unusual as ghosts were people once!

Why do ghosts appear to human beings? There are many reasons, and this is what makes ghostly manifestations interesting, for it takes us to different types of hauntings. A ghost can appear to warn, advise, foretell or because he needs to focus on unfinished business. (This is referred to an interactive or intelligent haunting). A ghost can also appear in a battlefield, re-enacting this event; or walking through walls or doors, seemingly performing an everyday task in a house that clearly doesn’t fit the rooms or blueprints of the house you are in. (Residual hauntings, Historical and battlefield apparitions, stone-tape theory hauntings). One of the apparitions I actually found on the net speaks of ‘Atmospheric Apparitions’ and the strong imprint of the ghost in the location where he is seen. They relate this to quantum physics (time-slips) and other atmospheric hypothesis that have not been proved yet. Interesting to note, I have a theory of mine about time-slips and residual hauntings, but more about that later! Last but not least, are the apparitions that choose to make themselves known to a close friend or relative at the moment of their death as if saying goodbye. (Deathbed or crisis apparitions).

Whatever the kind of apparition or haunting, this much is clear: they are not as commonplace as they may seem and clearly only some people seem to be able to witness them.

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