• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Haunted Dols

Although people are scared of many different things, most would agree that a haunted doll is, at the very least, a bit disturbing if not outright terrifying.

So why exactly are some dolls haunted? What characteristics does a haunted doll typically have? How do haunted dolls effect peoples lives?

There are several different reasons as to why a doll can be haunted. The most common reason is because a child or otherwise deceased person’s spirit has become attached to the doll. Whether the doll was a beloved childhood toy or a precious gift, sometimes spirits do not like to let go of their prized possession, and instead possess the doll themselves. Other times the energy of spirits can become attached to the doll, and although the person themselves is not necessarily possessing the doll knowingly, the energy that they left behind can still cause strange things to happen.

Thirdly, sometimes people who have accidentally summoned a demon or spirit from the other-side, via an Ouija board or other mystical ritual, find that they need a way to subdue it. Since sending a demon or spirit back to the other-side is often difficult, some people choose instead to trap the spirit inside of an object, such as a doll.

Although this will stop the malevolent being from traveling around, it still maintains all of its powers. Finally, some spirits become trapped in a doll accidentally. During the Victorian ages it was common for a grieving mother to take a lock from her deceased child’s hair and weave it into that of a beloved doll. Despite the sweet notion, this caused many spirits to become “stuck” inside of the doll.

So what exactly separates a haunted doll from a normal doll? The answer to this is pretty obvious. Haunted dolls have been known to do everything from walking around on their own, changing positions without anyone touching them, following a person with their eyes as they move about a room, laughing on their own, and talking. Several owners of haunted dolls have reported hearing footsteps emanating from the dolls room when no one else was around, or seeing the doll peering at them from out a window when driving by.

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