• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Signs of a Demonic Haunting

1. Sounds that go in threes – three knocks, three scratches, three bangs, etc.

2. Peak of a paranormal activity around 3 AM

3. Recurring nightmares filled with feeling of dread, violence and terror

4. Unexplainable growling sounds

5. Hearing voices, whispers, screams, crying…

6. Physical harm – being pushed, pulled, scratched, etc.

7. Strange feelings of being watched, uneasy feeling

8. Strange smells – chemicals, fire, rotten food, feces..

9. Negativity between members of the household – anger, arguments, fights

10. Sightings of shadow people or shadow animals, writings on the walls or furniture

11. Objects being moved or destroyed

12. The electrical devices in your house start malfunctioning

13. Your dog, cat or other pet starts acting up

14. Feeling cold/hot spots or unexplainable cold/hot breeze

One or more member of the household may experience:

1. Depression, anxiety, sadness, withdrawal

2. Memory blackouts

3. Being touched, scratched, pulled, pushed, slapped, kicked, bitten…

4. Being violent, angry, aggressive

5. Weakness, nausea, sickness, pain

6. Sexual assaults by unseen aggressor

7. Strange behavior

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