• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

The Ghost Box

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Probably, the easiest and quickest method to bridge the communication gap between people with bodies and people without bodies is to use a ghost box. The ghost box is a great way to speak with ghosts. It creates raw audio noise, using either the AM or FM radio band. You don't need a complicated device; you just need the right radio that has been altered to sweep the bands. Usually, having a ghost box with a built-in, amplified speaker works better than models that require the user to plug-in an amplified speaker. Using the device to talk to ghosts is as easy as turning it on and asking questions.

Oftentimes, you can hear the responses audibly. When the communication with ghosts or spirits is good, two-way, back and forth conversations can occur. But because it will be impossible to hear every message, always record your ghost box sessions. Later, you can listen to them with headphones after uploading the recordings to your computer. You do not need to do any complicated editing (such as amplification, cleaning up the recording, etc). Just listen carefully, and learn to recognize how the communications sound within the rhythm of the ghost box sweep. You'll develop an ear for it.

When you begin speaking with ghosts, you will notice that the communications become more frequent. It's as if people on the other side understand what the device does after seeing someone on this side attempting to talk with them. We've often wondered if ghosts or spirits bring others to talk who wish to speak or get a message across to loved ones. The messages can become almost non-stop, at times, due to the amount of ghosts and spirits attempting to communicate at the same time. Surprisingly, as soon as we turn the devices on, we can often hear people saying our names or asking for help. Be looking for this.

Often, ghosts are desperate to talk in order to get help. It may also be to just speak with someone, again, or maybe, even to pass a message on. Other times, the ghost needs questions answered or assurance in moving forward and into the light. Know that if you truly help a ghost, the ghost will move forward into the light with loved ones who are with them, and the haunting will abate. Even the atmosphere of the location will change for the better. This is the proof that your communication has truly yielded positive results by helping a lost soul.

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