• Christina Corsetti, H.S.

Types of Psychic Abilities

Automatic Writing

The ability to write intelligible messages without conscious control or knowledge of what is being written


Being or appearing to bein two different places at the same time


The art of hearing voices, music, and sounds that are not audible to the normal ear, and may not be of physical form.


The art of tuning in on an intuitive or psychic level to the emotions, moods, and attitudes of a person.


Immediate knowing/apprehension by the mind without reasoning; quick and ready insight; immediate

Lucid Dreams

Dreams which occur when the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are dreaming.


Knowledge of the future, and is able to see things that may happen through special ways.


A hybrid word derived from the Greek words representing mind and motion.


The art of getting impressions or visions from a piece of jewelry or object by simply touching or holding it in your hand, and it is usually used in training spiritual and psychic groups.


The art of seeing or sensing the past. Retrocognition occurs at spontaneous times, but very uncommonly during the course of daily life, dreams, and parapsychology experiments.

Remote Viewing

(RV) An ESP procedure in which a percipient attempts to become aware psychically of the experience of an agent who is at a distant, unknown target location.


The production of motion in objects (as by a spiritualistic medium) without contact or other physical


Communication of impressions from mind to mind without aid of senses; communication from one mind to.

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